Sunday, 1 March 2015

History Lives at Tubac Presidio

Entrance to Tubac Presidio State Historic Park
Tubac, a small town in southern Arizona, has a long and rich history. That history is preserved and on display at Tubac Presidio State Historic Park in the heart of town. The park was dedicated in 1958 as Arizona's first State Park.

A presidio is a Spanish military fort or headquarters. The Presidio San Ignacio de Tubac was established in 1752, making Tubac the first European settlement in what is now Arizona. In 1775, soldier and explorer Captain Juan Bautista de Anza II set out for Tubac across country to establish a settlement in the San Francisco Bay area. That journey emptied Tubac of most of its residents. Apache raids drove other away and the presidio was moved to Tucson.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Exploring Historic Yuma

Yuma is a city of just over 90,000 people on the southwestern edge of the state of Arizona near the borders of California and Mexico. It is home to a number of snowbirds in the winter. And it attracts overnight guests from other parts of the state. These visitors are often en route to Los Algodones, Mexico for dental or medical work or for shopping. Many stay at hotels just off the Interstate and never explore what the Yuma area has to offer. Many miss the stories of the historic downtown area.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Going Gypsy: A Review and an Interview

Going Gypsy cover

What do you think when you hear about a couple selling their house and travelling the globe? Perhaps, like me, you are a little envious. Perhaps, also like me, you doubt you would be able to live like that and wonder how one starts off on that kind of lifestyle in the first place. In Going Gypsy, David and Veronica James tell their story about becoming full-time travellers with no fixed address.

David and Veronica raised three children, affectionately referred to as Piglet, Decibel and The Boy. When the youngest went off to college, they began thinking about what to do with the rest of their lives.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Tubac Arts

Tubac Arts Festival

Tubac, a small town along the Santa Cruz River in southern Arizona with a population of a little over 1,000 people and a history dating back 300 years, describes itself as a destination for the arts. Every year in early February, it hosts the Tubac Festival of the Arts. The 56th Annual Festival in 2015 became my opportunity to visit the town and the festival.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

You Do Not Have Mail

I recently read an article listing ten things that would no longer exist ten years from now. One item on the list was postal service. I suppose it is possible postal service will disappear within ten years, but at the moment, even though I have transferred most of my bills and statements to email, I still rely on the postal service. 

For snowbirds like myself, who spend several months of the winter in warmer climates, decisions need to be made about how to handle mail during those months. To date, I have chosen to have my mail forwarded to my winter address.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Yuma Prison Museum: Hell Hole or Country Club?

Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park

On July 1, 1876, the first seven inmates entered the Territorial Prison at Yuma, Arizona and were locked into cells they had built themselves. Thus began the legend of the Yuma Territorial Prison. By 1907, the prison was severely overcrowded and there was no room left for expansion on Prison Hill. The prison closed in 1909. Inmates were moved to the prison at Florence, Arizona. Today the site is a museum and a state park. Visitors to Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park can view the remains of cell blocks, learn about the prison's history and and catch an eerie glimpse into life at the prison.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Arizona Dates and Shakes


Visiting at least one date farm and tasting a date shake were part of my list of items to see and do on a trip to Yuma, Arizona. I'm happy to say I did both.

Dates may be the oldest cultivated fruit, with cultivation dating back thousands of years. Dates are a high energy food. Although they contain significant amounts of fruit sugar, they are nutrient rich and full of fibre.